1.Wear beautiful shoes, but choose moderate heels.

2.If the torso is too long go for high wasted pants.

3.Do not color block and do lots of layering and mix fabric with same color.

4.Wear big accessories the bag, belt, chunky bangles, long necklaces and earrings etc. But remember to stay feminine to avoid looking bulky items.

5.Long hair is more feminine.

1.Oval shape: means more length than width and jaw narrower than cheek bones very proportional. Many hairstyles suit that type and usually all flatering. Examples of oval face shapes; Kate Moss and Katie Holmes.

2.Round Shape: this face shape has fullness below the cheek bones which  may be from being overweight. Hairstyle need to be long and a bit of height to lengthen the face. People with round face shape should avoid round sunglasses and earings that are wider than the widest part of the face to avoid more roundness. Example of a round face is Cameron Diaz. 

3.Diamond face: this face shape usually means a narrow  chin and forehead with wide cheekbones. Hairstyles need to have fullness ex: chin bobs work perfect avoid height on top and volume on sides. Fringe with a side parting. Frames should be narrower than widest part of the face. Example of a diamond face is Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

The little black dress was introduced by Coco Chanel in the 1920. It is timeless, long-lasting, versatile, affordable, and accessible to the widest market possible. 

1.Every woman should own at least one simple, elegant black dress that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. 

2.It cannot be part of a trend because it will be outdated soon.

3.Specs of a black dress: knee high just above or just under and sleeveless.

4.Always in style.


This is a tough time for these unpredictable teens so we want to help them look stylish with a few tips. 

1.Choose t-shirts with designs on them ones with vivid colour cotton and fun. Go for colour that you think make you look good (mamas please stay aside) if pink is too pale then go for orange. They can have messages that reflect your beliefs. 

2.3 pairs of jeans is all you need go for a cut that fits you good forget the trend if it does not compliment your shape. Remember you shape the jeans and the jeans don’t shape you. Go for dark denim light denim and a black remember you can dress up or down a jean with the type of top you choose.

3.Wear shoes that compliment the color of your hoodies, tank tops or T-shirts. Since it's your style, wear fun yet functional shoes that you like. Ex. converse shoes, moccasins, ankle-high boots, military boots, ballet flats, clogs and sandals. 

4.A fashion must-have for teens is a pair of cute flip flops that you can wear with just about anything. Most teens will wear flip-flops everywhere until their toes feel the cold air of winter.

Any woman under 162cm tall is considered to be small frame or petite. 

1.Color block, color blocking usually gives the illusion of being tall. If you do not happen to fancy color blocking then choose different shades of the same color which gives the same effect. 

2.Choose the right size for your clothes. No compromise, any extra fabric or too much fabric, big prints…etc. will actually make you look shorter. Also note that extremely tight clothes will give the same effect.

3.Avoid horizontal lines and big prints; choose small prints instead to add a touch without overwhelming your shape. 

4.Go for a “v” or “U” neck lines to give the illusion to a longer torso. 

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