Secrets for all your stylish teens


5.Accessories they are affordable and cute pick out a few bags scarves and earnings rings bracelets to pull your look together go for choices that go with all clothes types and choose a few that stand out. 

6.Keep hair clean and combed if you cannot manage long hair then get a bob. 

7.A few tips about make up : make up at this age should add glow and not colour

 a.Skip the foundation let your natural glow take over instead go for tinted moisturizers.

 b.Your concealor should be pated not rubbed.

 c.Less is better light blush and a mascara and a lip gloss is perfect don’t overdo you’ll look like a clown.

 d.A cleansing cleaning routine is a must and acne should not be ignored and treat it with proper creams. And don’t forget to go for oil free products. 

 e.Never never never skip sunscreen if you do not like the texture or smell keep looking there are a million brands out there.  

 f.If manicure and pedicure are a no no please keep nail all same length clean and filed and do not forget to remove all nail polish if one peels off. (if you’re still biting your nails please use some creams to make you kick the habit cause it’s so not cool).